Our project is about the art

We have a very simple roadmap, that can be summed up in a couple of sentences. Our project is all about releasing quality art.
By nature, the pieces will be rare since we’re only releasing a limited total number for each collection. Yes, we are curious about real-world utility
but at the same wary of making promises we cannot keep. We will however keep our ears to the ground at all times!

WHo are we

The MAGIK team

The Magik project is conceived by two Icelandic friends, Baldvin and Kristjan. Growing up, mountains were an ever-present part of existence and to some degree they will always be part of our identity. That is why they became the centerpiece of the first series. As well as being strong visual symbols, we also felt that mountains brought a certain grounding and sense of permanence to the all digital and dynamic NFT space.

To get from idea to here, we have benefitted from input and assistance from various friends, but the most important part of the equation is the community that has formed in this space and the adventurous spirit of the participants.