Greetings Mountaineer!

As the holder of a MagikMountain, you are eligeble to claim a free Magik Rune.

Should you happen to hold more than 1 MM, you can of course claim more; in a 1 for 1 ratio.

The addresses holding the 127 MagikMountains have been scanned and whitelisted on December 7th. Runes will be allocated on the basis of holdings on that day, any cross-wallet movements since then are NOT tracked.

Do not send ADA if not a holder – funds will be lost!

Please read carefully



Select and copy the wallet address above. Paste it into your Cardano wallet; Daedalus, Yoroi, Nami etc.

In order to claim 1 Rune, you send 2 ADA and receive in return 1.6 ADA and 1 Magik Rune CNFT.


  1. To claim more than 1 Rune, you must repeat the process. The system does not support scaling, so you cannot send 4 and get 2 etc.
  2.  You must send your ADA from the wallet holding your MagikMountain/s
  3. Do NOT send directly from an exchange, as this would result in lost funds.

Bonus: Share for a chance to win 40 ADA!

  • Publish an image of your minted Rune/s to Twitter
  • Tag @MagikMountains and add a line or two about the Magik Runes mint
  • Publish a screengrab in our #raid-proof channel on Discord

3 lucky winners will receive 40 ADA each
Game ends Sunday Dec 12th.